We provide CNC Bending Services, Sheet Metal Bending Services, CNC Bending Machines and Our Setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India

CNC Bending Machine
CNC Bending Services

HOUSE OF FABRICATION is the leading sheet metal bending service provider based in Pune, Maharashtra. With high-quality bending machines in Maharashtra, India we cater to the bending job works range from prototype to high-volume production runs.

Our Project Engineering team is always responsible for making sure the parts are done as per the tolerances provided by the customer and delivering the parts on time.

Our bending services are appreciated in the market for accuracy, timely delivery, and ultimate tensile strength. All our services are executed by expert professionals who are capable of bending metals of varied thicknesses to any desired shapes within the tolerance level.

Our Setup
Sr.No. Name Unit Press Brake
1 Pressing Force Kn 2200
2 Max. bending Length mm 3200
3 Distance Between Frames mm 2600
4 Max. Opening Height mm 500
5 Ram Stroke mm 200
6 Throat Depth mm 400
7 Ram Approach Speed mm / sec 180
8 Bending Speed mm / sec 10
9 Ram Return Speed mm / sec 140
10 Y1, Y2-axis Precision 0.01
11 X-axis Back Gauge Stroke mm 600
12 Work piece straightness mm / m 0.03
13 X and R axis accuracy mm / m 0.05
14 Sliding Front Arms Pcs 2
15 Back gauge Finger Block Pcs 4
16 V-axis Crowning CNC Motorized Crowning
17 CNC Control Axes Y1,Y2, X, R + Crowning Axis
18 Main Motor Power Kw 15
19 CNC System Delem DA53T with 2D preview plugin & simulation
20 Length x Width x Height Mm 3400x2100x2800
21 Weight Kg 12000